Monday, May 5, 2008

I'd see the value in McCain's healthcare plan if I didn't think insurance companies hated us in general

On a positive note: Wow. Just wow.

I really hope this is legit.

This is slightly different that battling for oil. This seems like the beginnings of the Road Warrior.

Slightly older article, but about an issue I didn't even know was happening.

You can disagree with the sentiment, but the fact is something must be done.,28804,1730759_1731383,00.html

Even if its just writing off Florida.

You're telling me that pot is safer than cigarettes?

We are literally burning our food instead of eating it.

I'm with Obama on this one. Whats the point of saving $30 in gas if the roads are shit?

Fuck the whales, save the bees!

A side effect of pollution you may not have expected.

If you think thats not important, here's a link to the plants that bees pollinate.

Yeah, you read that right. Fucking coffee.