Friday, April 4, 2008

Is Hillary really that conniving/evil? What do you think of this theory?

"Even some Clinton loyalists are wondering aloud if the win-at-all-costs strategy of Hillary and Bill — which continued Tuesday when Hillary tried to drag Rev. Wright back into the spotlight — is designed to rough up Obama so badly and leave the party so riven that Obama will lose in November to John McCain."

The government of the United States of America - brought to you by Thailand

"The Government Printing Office's decision to export the work has proved lucrative, allowing the agency to book more than $100 million in recent profits by charging the State Department more money for blank passports than it actually costs to make them,"

The next advancement in census technology: paper!

"Gutierrez said reverting to a paper-based census, in addition to other costs not associated with the handhelds, is expected to increase the cost of the 2010 census to between $2.2 billion and $3 billion through fiscal year 2013."

Oh Hillary. This is old, but still hilarious.

Another competitor in the space race. That looks hot.