Friday, April 11, 2008

Killing yourself was your fault, not the company that sold you mislabled drugs.

So a company lied to the FDA about a product it wanted to sell in order to get it approved. The FDA trusted the company to tell the truth, the drug was approved and might have killed 40 people due to improper dosage labeling. The White House is arguing that since the FDA approved it, the company is not liable for any damages. What the hell just happened here?

Well, if you can't win by the rules, try and change the rules, right Hillary?

"Sen. Hillary Clinton made a blunt appeal to North Dakota delegates to switch their support to her, despite the fact that Sen. Barack Obama handily defeated her in the state's caucus in February."

Oh right, when other countries waterboard, thats bad. Or torture.

The US government has something in common with Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Thats nice.

Wow. Way to go China. Who thinks these Olympics are just going to burn?

Turns out even the President steals music

This is a little throw away news bit.

So I'm not the only one who feels he's being screwed.

"A majority of Americans say that in the past five years, “they either haven’t moved forward in life (25%) or have fallen backward (31%) — the most downbeat assessment in nearly half a century of polling"

This is why our government is going to hell.

"Nearly half of transactions made in the 2006 fiscal year with government credit or debit cards -- referred to as "purchase cards" -- were improper"